• Create 3D box shots, DVD Cases, Member Cards, CD and book covers in a single program!

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  • Save yourself time: create virtual covers without overheads and superfluous operations

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  • Save yourself money: No extra designers or tools are required

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  • Get instant results: Quick start, easy work, and immediate output

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  • Professional output: create realistic looking box shots and covers without designer skills


The TBS Cover Editor is a unique tool that will help you create any virtual cover image for your product presentation

No matter what product you make and sell: software, e-books, music, movies, video or audio records, books, or even corn flakes.

Unique features & benefits for your e-business

Adding a photorealistic cover image to your website, banner, article, or print ad
will attract more attention to your product and
will bring more customers and sales to your business.

100+ preset templates
Simple 2D editor
Shapes and effects
Live 3D preview
Animation and Flash

More than 100 ready-to-use templates
to get started in 1 minute

The TBS Cover Editor comes with a brilliant collection of software cover design templates for various types of software, e-books, movies, and other products.

The Design Wizard helps you to get started quickly. You can make a cover in less than two minutes.

Choose a template and just add your product info such as product name, company, and web site URL to create a custom cover design. You can easily tweak the templates or create new cover templates with your corporate identity style.

In two clicks you can set up a 3D scene and render your box shot image.

Templates collection

Say goodbye to separate designs for each side

No more design slices in many image files. With the TBS Cover Editor you can create your 3D box shot, DVD, CD or book cover design in a single flat worksheet.

The single-sheet concept of the TBS Cover Editor allows you editing of all box or cover sides on a single screen.

The real time 3D preview immediately shows how your 3D cover output image looks like without switching between different windows or applications.

2D Designer

The TBS Cover Editor has a rich toolkit for graphics creation and processing

It includes simple shapes, text labels, bitmap images, artistic texts and vector objects.

You can quickly create a nice looking box cover by combining special effects that were previously only available in high-priced professional image processing programs.

The TBS Cover Editor comes with a large clipart library of common shapes and signs. You can create professional-quality 3D box shots, CD, DVD or book covers with no extra expense in a single program.

Shapes and Effects

Setup the 3D look of your model in preview area and render a picture in two clicks

The real time 3D preview immediately shows how your 3D cover output image looks like without switching between different windows or applications.

TBS Cover Editor supports full 3D rotation with optional drop shadows and reflection effects. You can customize the dimensions of a 3D object, as well as size and intensity of shadows and effects, and preview the changes in real-time.

You can quickly adjust object's position, zoom factor and angles with the mouse. The 3D preview area instantly shows how your 3D box shot or cover looks like.

3D Live Preview

Create cool 3D animated images for your digital products

That's simply damn sexy!

3D animation

User testimonials

Louis Camassa
"I have been using your product for a few months ..."

... now and wanted to thank you for developing such a intuitive and feature rich application. Images are so quick to make, and look fabulous!

Louis Camassa


Andy Flaster
"TBS is perhaps the best value ..."

... in a software purchase I have ever made. I had to produce 17 virtual software boxes quickly and your software saved me hours of time putting the designs into perspective in photoshop. It does exactly what it says it will do with an elegant interface and it renders damn fast! I am very happy.

Andy Flaster

Artdog Designs

Keith Passaur
"It took no time at all ..."

... to figure out how to use the software to create great looking images. So far we have used it for 23 products, and have created the images in three different sizes. So a total of 69 images, which only took us a couple of hours to do. What impressed us the most was how easy the program is to learn.

Keith Passaur


Download TBS Cover Editor

Evaluate all features for free as long as you wish. All output images are watermarked in free mode.

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